About me

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ik ben mattia

Ciao! I am Mattia Vitturi.
I am a grumpy Italian software developer who worked in Malta and now lives in The Netherlands. In the past few years, I’ve mainly worked with Microsoft stack of technologies as back-end developer, developing Windows and cloud services on Azure, chasing the myth of correctly design micro services. Even though my career doesn’t seem to lead in that direction, probably you will read in here also some goofy attempts to inject some F# in my C#.
I share my free time between my growing family, my dumb dog and some nerd hobbies (coding, gaming, painting miniatures). I should also study Dutch and Russian.

this blog is for …

… me.
I am totally fine if you discover in here something useful and you want to give me some feedbacks (they are appreciated!), but this blog is mainly meant for me to keep notes and track my progress. I will talk about my coding experiments, cool stuff I find around, design concepts and tricks to simplify my daily coding life.